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Let’s talk about stress.

There is a deep connection between what you’re feeling and internalizing from the world around you and your physical health. Your daily stressors can be what’s impacting your health long term. High blood pressure, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, even digestive issues are all symptoms brought on by stress through your nervous system. They can turn you from vibrant, happy, and positive into someone you wouldn’t recognize in the mirror, feeling at a loss for relief.

So, what can you do to combat this? And how can you hold onto hope through an experience like this?

S03 | 07 - Finding Hope in Times of Stress and Pain with Tanya Kelloway

by Lindsay Recknell | HOPE motivates ACTION

Tanya Kelloway joins us today to explain this connection and provide insight into how these symptoms can be treated through traditional medicine. She answers questions about stigma towards traditional medicine in Western civilization, how her own health journey gave her hope in her own life, staying motivated, and most importantly- does acupuncture hurt?

Tanya Kelloway is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, practicing for the last ten years. She started her practice after her own health journey and taking action steps to bring back hope into her own life. Most recently she has been specializing in acupuncture and treating her clients for stress induced symptoms and digestive symptoms, giving her clients hope for relief through natural remedies. Visit her website or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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