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Meet Dr. Tanya...

Born in Calgary, Alberta and destined to follow her lifelong passion for health and wellness, studied in the city of Mianyang in Sichuan province of China. She finished her Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine internship at the Mianyang Hospital of TCM and returned home to set up her practice in the city of Calgary over a decade ago.

Dr. Kelloway brings to her patients an incredible depth of knowledge and the ability to sort out the bodies subtle and sometimes not so subtle symptoms.  Her passion for serving others comes across in her gentle, confident manner and her true caring for the well-being of others.  Dr Tanya’s practice centres on the belief that our bodies don’t want to have dis-ease. It is not a natural or enjoyable state for us, but ill-health can become a habit and like any other habit it needs to be corrected, TCM is a great correction tool.

As Dr. Tanya always says, “What I really love about TCM is that it utilizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself, maintain balance and reach wellness”.

“I looks forward meeting and assisting you in your journey of health”.



I had been seeing Dr. Tanya for about a year due to chronic health issues. During that time I injured my left foot and came into her office with a boot cast. Dr. Tanya wanted to help my foot feel better…


Have you ever thought you were perfectly healthy and any small issues you did have you could live with? Well that’s what I thought, until I met Dr. Tanya.


I have been a cancer survivor for the last five years, and having a radical sysectomy it left me with considerable nerve pain that was almost unbearable.


Been coming in to see Tanya for the past 3 months. Since coming in I’ve seen great improvement in my anxiety and insomnia…


I have been Dr. Tanya’s patient for over six years now, she has seen me through multiple motor vehicle collisions, surgery, sports related injuries and year of both high school and now college.


I came to Tanya with terrible migraine pain that had been plaguing me off and on for 20 years.